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Success Story



My son was born in November 2012 after a long and difficult pregnancy. I suffered from significant nausea throughout my pregnancy. I felt tired and sick for 9 months which held me back from eating well and exercising as much as I should have been. At the beginning of my pregnancy I weighed 135 lbs and by the end I had gained almost 45 lbs. Although I maintained some activity during my pregnancy, after my baby was born my body was not the same. I felt weaker than I did before I had my baby. Due to lack of sleep with my newborn I was pretty tired too! I also found it difficult to consistently eat healthy food, often choosing the quicker option rather than the one that was better for me. I also experienced a significant breast infection when my baby was 5 weeks old which required emergency surgery, a month of antibiotics and three months of recovery. All these things impacted my mood, stress and activity levels.


Even though I was breastfeeding and eating relatively sensibly, by the time my son was 6 months old I was only down to 155 lbs. At 5’2” I was not happy with the way I looked. On top of this I felt very unfit. I struggled with significant lower back pain every day and found it more and more difficult to carry and play with my son. I thought about the pain every time I had to pick up my son, put him down in his crib, unfold the stroller or wear him in a baby carrier. I was very worried that these symptoms would only get worse as my son grew up (and grew heavier). I decided I had to do something about it.


I rejoined GoodLife in July 2013 and managed to slowly lose a few pounds on my own. I decided, though, that I needed to do something more. I met Valerie and together we set achievable goals which motivated me to get going. It was great to have someone with me on my way to getting back on track with my health and fitness.


I trained 2 days a week with Val and usually came to the gym once a week on my own. At the beginning we worked mostly on reducing my back pain through strengthening and stretching. After a few weeks my back was feeling a lot better, my posture had significantly improved and I started to see results with my weight and how my body looked. Now we were able to start really working hard at achieving my weight loss goal.


Initially my goal was to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight and after 6 months I achieved this goal. My back pain was almost entirely gone and I felt so much better about how I looked and felt. With Val’s help I knew I could achieve more and she motivated me to do it! So I set my new weight loss goal to 115 lbs. I am currently only 4 lbs from my goal weight! I still have to be careful with my back but with Val’s coaching I know what I need to do to exercise safely and strengthen my back so I don’t re-injure myself.


I also needed to change how I was eating. Val was able to help me make those changes with expert advice and ongoing motivation. I started by replacing my more unhealthy snacks with healthier ones. I added more protein to my breakfasts. She helped me to make other changes to my diet which made me healthier and slimmer.


Now I feel like I have a lot more energy to get me through the day. I know what I need to do to maintain my strength, nutrition and overall health. This is in huge part from Valerie’s knowledge, motivation and amazing support. I’m so happy with the results I have achieved with Valerie and I am even happier that I feel able to maintain these results long term.


Tracy M - Speech-Language Pathologist.

Toronto, Canada