"Valerie is an incredible personal trainer and much more. She helped me lose 10 lbs, eliminate candida, improve my diet and correct my posture. With her guidance, I became slim, straight and strong. Throughout my journey to optimal health, I’ve worked with nutritionists, physiotherapists, naturopaths, etc. Valerie’s breadth of knowledge makes her a blend of all these experts; she brought all their advice together and became my go to person, answering questions ranging from supplementation to exercise regiments. Valerie adapts workouts to my needs and lifestyle. She is flexible, accommodating and encouraging yet firm and steadily pushes me towards my goals."



Sandra - Business Administration, Toronto Ontario.

"As a medical doctor I am hard to impress and have had a series of trainers in the past. Valerie has an advanced knowledge of anatomy & physiology, and is used to working with professionals and the types of challenges we face with our careers.Valerie is TRX trained, also an expert in myofascial stretch and her specialty is complex training with clients with injuries. I personally had a very serious injury last year and she rehabilitated my arm to the point where I no longer have pain and finally have strength in my hand again. Her strength is nutrition and I feel she is personally been able to heal some of my own stress and gut issues. Valerie really truly gets results and in a way that is sustainable and manageable for my life!"



Karen - Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgeon, Toronto Canada.

"Valerie is a superb personal trainer. She is very knowledgeable and her manner is steady, calm and encouraging – which I appreciate. As I approach 70, I wanted to set the stage for healthier senior years. I needed to strengthen my lower back to do away with back pain and I wanted to work with weights to increase my bone density. I have some limitations – arthritis in my fingers and toes. Valerie personalizes my program to take this into account. She keeps the workouts fresh and varied and fun. I had never worked with a personal trainer before. Working out alone is just not the same. I need the direction, the knowledge, and the encouragement to do more and work harder. Valerie has been terrific to work with and I am happy that I am achieving my goals." 


Nancy - Retired Library Administrator, Toronto Canada

Valerie is an exceptional personal trainer. I have done many exercise regimes over the years and have quite a bit of knowledge of athletics and anatomy from my 25 years as a RMT, Yoga Instructor, and from my various physical hobbies. However, my time with Valerie proved to me how much more I could learn and feel better in my body and have fun while I was at it! I had a chronic shoulder injury before I started personal training, but over the course of the sessions, not only did my injury get better, Valerie worked with me to discover what was going on and how to rehabilitate it. Her enthusiasm to learn and share what she knows is remarkable. She does truly offer “personal” training, taking in and working with all aspects of her clients. I would not hesitate to recommend her highly."  

Donna - RMT, Yoga Instructor, Toronto Canada.